3 Unique Benefits of a Nontraditional Education

3 Unique Benefits of a Nontraditional Education

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The recent pandemic has opened many minds to the idea of nontraditional education. As stated in our previous blog HERE, a nontraditional education is one that is offered in ways other than the traditional classroom setting. 

We understand that this can be challenging for some parents or guardians, which is why we’re working to support the financial needs of children who are pursuing an education outside of the public school system (support our cause HERE). 

However, many often think about the controversies of a nontraditional education, such as lack of social interaction, increased amount of screen time, etc. 

But there are still many unique benefits of a nontraditional education; let’s take a look! 

More Specific Goals 

Instead of trying to fit children into one kind of curriculum, you’re able to help them explore their unique interests. You can help them understand themselves and set goals. And then, you can tailor the curriculum to accomplish these goals. 

Consider including short term goals by asking: “What do you want to learn?” “What are your current likes and dislikes?” 

Consider long term goals by asking: “What do you hope to become in the future?” “What are your career plans?” 

This also teaches them goal setting and planning, which is an important practice for success. 

Individualized Attention 

Testing and standardized metrics may not always help students discover their true potential. With the “one size fits all” curriculum and exams, traditional schools cater to the general population rather than each student’s unique personalities

In a nontraditional setting, such as virtual learning and homeschooling, there are fewer students to cater to, allowing for more individualized attention for each student. 

Convenience and Comfort

With a nontraditional education, there is no need to leave the comfort and safety of your home, unless you’re in a homeschooling pod, taking field trips, or just switching environments to break the monotony of being home. 

The difference here is: you have more control over where you want your child to learn. You don’t have to worry (too much) about the potential dangers when commuting to and from a traditional brick-and-mortar or even being in one because you’re right there with them

You also have more control over your time and schedule. Nontraditional learning schedules can be as flexible as you want them to be, meaning you’re able to switch tasks around when certain events come up. It’s much easier and very beneficial to learn where and when it’s convenient for you.


It’s important to note that we’re not discrediting traditional education. We’re simply highlighting the benefits of a nontraditional education. So, if you’re considering switching to a nontraditional education, keep these benefits in mind! 

We’re also here to help with this process! Strike Hope provides Chromebooks, tuition assistance, tutoring and teaching, advising, and more for children engaging in an education outside of the public school system. To support our mission, donate HERE

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